Why Is Tiktok App Effective in Video Sharing?

Why Is Tiktok App Effective in Video Sharing

Tiktok app is a fast growing app all over the world. Its target audience consists of people from all education levels, ages and countries, especially young people. It is so impressive and widespread that sometimes its misusage becomes dangerous. It is also used extensively in marketing and advertising. Songs or dances that are trending on Tiktok are also becoming popular in other apps. The features that Tiktok offers to its users are also imitated by other applications. How did this application, where short videos are shared in vertical format, achieved a different success than other video sharing platforms? Why is Tiktok effective in video sharing?

Reasons Why Tiktok App Is Dominant

  • Unknown Attracts Attention

Curiosity is one of the important emotions that trigger people. We are curious and want to watch the lives of people we don’t know. Especially if these people are different from you in monetary, physical or cultural aspects. For example, videos in which billionaires show their houses or cars reach quite a lot of viewers. You find yourself watching people you don’t know for hours on the Tiktok app.

  • Easy To Consume

Videos are also shared on Instagram and Youtube, but Tiktok managed to stand out among them. One of the reasons for this is that the videos are easily edited and presented in less than 15 seconds. These videos can be downloaded directly from the app if access is granted. If you don’t have permission, you can use Tiktok downloader.

  • Diversity

You can see videos about beauty, food, entertainment, hobbies and many more areas on Tiktok. The application collects the most diverse content that can be done on a topic from all over the world. Cooking videos are always popular on all platforms but you can easily find cooking videos of different cultures on the Tiktok app.

Reasons Why Tiktok App Is Dominant

Reasons Why Tiktok App Is Dominant

  • Ease of Use

In Tiktok, videos can be edited without the need for any other application. In addition to visual effects, the ability to speed up/slow down and add music also pushes users to like Tiktok videos.

  • Entertainment

Users compete with each other to produce entertainment on Tiktok. In this application used by thousands of people, it is necessary to do something interesting before the audience scroll you. This is possible with short and funny videos. For this purpose, creative ideas are put forward and they become a trend. With fun content, different people interact with each other.

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    Yes I guess Tiktok become dominant among others. Really liked your writing. It is very clear and easy to understand.

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