What Is Tiktok Photo Mode?

What Is Tiktok Photo Mode

As in Instagram, photo sharing is activated in Tiktok with Tiktok photo mode. Social media apps continue to look alike. Instagram and Tiktok apps seem to be in a race to create new features lately. Application developers are testing features that will benefit users so that they do not need to use other applications. The feature that will reshape social media came from Tiktok. You will be able to add your photos in slide form in multiple ways. In this content, I will share the details of the new feature. I will also explain in detail how to use Tiktok photo mode. Read on to discover the new feature.

As it is known, applications carry out continuous research and development studies to develop new features. It is difficult to win the race for the top among social media applications. A move came from Tiktok, the application that comes to mind when creativity is mentioned. Like its rival Instagram, it offered the ability to add photos to its users. The fact that the application, which stands out with its videos, offers such an innovation surprised users. You can add carousel photos by switching to Tiktok photo mode.

Let’s learn how to switch to photo mode on Tiktok.

How To Use Tiktok Photo Mode

Uploading photos in Tiktok photo mode is as easy as uploading videos. Users can swipe to see the many photos you have uploaded, just like on Instagram.

Share Photo On Tiktok In 8 Steps

  1. Login to Tiktok app and click the plus sign.
  2. Click on the “upload” option in the lower right corner.
  3. On the screen that opens, select the photos you want to add. You can mark as multiple.
  4. Click the “next” button after the photo selection.
  5. While your selected photos are displayed as a video, click on the text “switch to photo mode” in the lower middle.
  6. Select the music to be played during the photo show by clicking the song in the upper middle of the screen. Tiktok mp3 is really important in a content.
  7. You can add text, stickers and filters from the options on the right side of the screen.
  8. When the content is ready, click the “next” button as usual and share.

With this new feature, many Instagram users can turn to Tiktok. Will Tiktok, which is at the top of the video-sharing platforms, stand out in the sector with its photo-sharing feature? With this new feature of Tiktok, we see that the differences between the applications have become even more unclear. From this content, you learned how to use Tiktok photo mode. If you encounter any problems while using this feature, you can write us a comment. Don’t forget to tell us when you share your first photo post!

FAQ About Tiktok Photo Mode

1- How do I switch to photo mode on TikTok?

  • To switch to photo mode on Tiktok, come to the sharing stage. After selecting your photos, press the text “switch to photo mode”. After completing the edits like sharing a video, you can press “next” and share a photo.

2- What is Dynamic photo on TikTok?

  • Dynamic photo on Tiktok is a very popular photo effect on Tiktok. With this effect, also known as photo animation, you can animate the photo where your face appears. Dynamic photo filter makes the photo come alive, adds gestures such as blinking and laughing.

3- How do I make a TikTok video with pictures?

  • Click the “plus” sign in the app menu to make Tiktok video with pictures. Click on the “upload” option and mark the images you want to select. After the selection, press the next button and make arrangements such as effects and music. Then your photos turned into videos are ready to be played with music.

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