The Rapid Rise of Tiktok on a Global Scale

The Rapid Rise of Tiktok on a Global Scale

Tiktok, the most popular video sharing platform of recent years, was launched in China in 2016. Then it started to be used globally in 2017. A new title called Tiktok star has emerged. It is an application where short videos are shared, which is considered an extension of the application. The app has become famous with videos of teenagers lip-syncing or dancing. Although the target audience is thought to be young people when it comes to Tiktok users, over time, people of all ages and countries have become members of the application. It was so successful that it reached 1 billion monthly active users worldwide in 2021.  What contributed to the rapid rise of Tiktok on a global scale?

How Does Tiktok Work?

Tiktok is an application that works in harmony with music and video. 15-second videos with background music can be shared. Usually, content where people lip-sync or dance is featured. Using artificial intelligence technology, the application allows users to view content in the stream according to their preferences and tastes. Working with the catch-phrase “for everyone”, Tiktok confronts users from different cultures who do not have the opportunity to get to know each other.

It’s very easy to share videos on Tiktok and become a Tiktok star. You can become famous -in other words Tiktok star– in a short time by adding your own interpretation to the trending content. Being creative will make a difference, but you can also be one of users who imitate each other. Streaming live on Tiktok is also very popular. Users can earn money from their followers with the wallet, which is a feature of the application. You can “donate” with your coins to your favorite users.

Tiktok in 2022

Global Rise of Tiktok in 2022

While Tiktok is a relatively new application, it has managed to attract all the attention with its growth rate. It is designed in China and spread to other countries. With its features, it inspired other applications and with its users became agenda of many countries. How did it become dominant among other social media apps? Tiktok generated $63 million in revenue in 2017. 4 years after its launch, it increased that rate to $4.6 billion in revenue in 2021.

In 2020, it is possible to link the increase in the number of Tiktok users with the pandemic. Thousands of people looking for alternative activities at home due to curfews have downloaded Tiktok during this period. Therefore, millions of people spent time on the app and preferred to download Tiktok video and share to interact with others.

The application is an important channel used in marketing and advertising activities. It is possible to become famous and earn money on Tiktok. Perhaps this is one of the most important features that makes being a Tiktok star most attractive and accelerates the rise of Tiktok app. A lot of people who want to make money without spending a lot of effort and produce content without being creative continue to join Tiktok.


Convert Tiktok To Mp4

Convert Tiktok To Mp4

The video sharing application that shook the world, Tiktok, offers you the opportunity to watch videos in different styles in the globalizing world. Tiktok has become a highly preferred social media platform in all countries. Almost everyone in the world has a TikTok account. You can watch videos from different video categories according to your interests. Videos about beauty, comedy and self development make up a large part of the application. People spend most of their time on social networking sites on smart devices. Following their favorite content producers and sharing their content with other people has become one of the new generation communication methods. Sharing this content with other people is possible with the permissions given by the applications. Since apps like Instagram and Tiktok give importance to interaction, it is important for users to send videos to each other. You are not allowed to post some videos on Tiktok. That’s why some third party apps are designed to convert Tiktok to mp4. In this content, you can learn how to convert Tiktok mp4.

Why Do People Want To Convert Contents From Tiktok To Mp4?

Why Do People Want To Convert Contents From Tiktok To Mp4?

What Is Mp4?

If you are new to the internet, you may not know the content formats (mp3, mp4). Mp4 is a file type that can contain audio and video. It can be opened in video players and spread over the internet. When you download video content, you will see that the file has mp4 extension. Some mp4 files can also contain compressed audio files. Therefore, in order to share a content you like in the same format, you need to download it as mp4. If you downloaded in any other genre, you should use translation tools. People are in search of Tiktok to mp4 converter. In the application where millions of content are shared, the need to download Tiktok videos and share them with other people is increasing.

Why Do People Want To Convert Contents From Tiktok To Mp4?

You can convert Tiktok mp4 from computer, phone or tablet. It is possible to download the content you choose as mp4 using SaveTok and other Tiktok to mp4 converter applications. Simply copy the link of a video from Tiktok. Second, paste it into the text bar in the app and tick the mp4 option. If you wish, you can also select the image quality of the video to be downloaded. Once the download is finished, you can find it on your device. After you complete your Tiktok to mp4 conversion process, you can use the video for any purpose.


Tiktok downloader

Tiktok Downloader

Tiktok is a sociable video-sharing platform. It was founded under the name Douyin and caused a sensation shortly after its establishment. Although the number of members is increasing day by day, his name is frequently mentioned even in news channels. According to research results, it has more than 1 billion monthly users worldwide. Dance and music constitute the most remarkable content in the application. Apart from that, inspiring videos in every field such as fashion, entertainment, education, motivation are available on Tiktok. Downloading videos from the application and sharing them both within the application and on other platforms is a very popular endeavor. You may need an additional app to download Tiktok. Many software designed as Tiktok downloader are available in app stores (Google Play Store, App Store). Do you know which is the best Tiktok downloader among them? Keep reading to find out which one is recommended.

Best Tiktok Downloaders

You have learned how to download Tiktok from our other contents. You can see that there are dozens of applications that you can use for this purpose, while doing a research on the search engine. It is getting easier than before to find many TikTok downloaders on the internet, with or without a watermark. You have to be careful while choosing a Tiktok downloader because some apps may have harmful software. These malicious applications have security vulnerabilities. It can copy information from the device on which you downloaded the application. It may use your information without permission and cause bad consequences. For this reason, get the right information before choosing a Tiktok download application. Here are some free application options used as Tiktok downloader!

best tiktok downloader

Best tiktok downloader

Which Tiktok Downloader Do You Suggest?


With SSSTiktok you can download high-quality videos from Tiktok and other social networking sites. The tool is free and very simple to use. Copy the link of the Tiktok video and paste it into the search bar in the application. Then press the download button and have the content on your device forever.  Besides, another benefit of the application is that you can also convert the downloaded video to mp3 format.


SnapTikApp is a free Tiktok downloader for all devices. It gives its users the right to download unlimited videos. It also allows you to download HD videos. There may be difficulties in using it from IOS devices. On Android devices, you can download and use it, as well as download videos from the website. Copy the link of the Tiktok video and paste it into the text bar of the application. Then start the download and get a high-quality video.

3- TTDownloader

TTDownloader is a nice option where you can download videos in MP3, MP4, GIF formats for free. Downloading videos through this application takes place in simple steps, as in similar ones. Copy the video link you want to download and paste it into the text bar in the application and start the download. It’s a great Tiktok downloader for those who want to download music files and GIFs with a feature that other apps don’t offer. is a website that allows you to download videos from different devices such as phones, tablets and computers. In this tool, you can directly download Tiktok from its website, while in other options you need to download an application. There is no download limit and you can download as much content as you want for free.


ExpertsPHP is a Tiktok downloader that allows you to download MP4 for free. Downloading HD videos is very easy with this application. You can make an unlimited number of downloads, and its use is the same as in other applications. It is a nice option for users who also want to access their favorite content when they are offline.

Choose the one that fits your criteria among these downloaders and try to download the video you want!





can I download tiktok video

Can I Download Tiktok Video?

One of the applications that has been receiving a lot of attention since 2020 is Tiktok. Users enjoy spending time in this creative world. The application, which emerged in China, has users from almost every country today. Tiktok is founded on September 16. The app attracted attention with its rise shortly after its establishment. The platform has become famous as the most downloaded app in 2020. It is becoming more and more known by spreading word of mouth and being mentioned in other applications. It contains content of various interests. Dance and music usually come to the fore in Tiktok videos. Some content is watched millions of times. That’s why users want to download the video they like. So, does Tiktok allow this? If you don’t know the answer, you can learn how to download Tiktok video from this article.

While scrolling on Tiktok, you may encounter content that you like very much. You may want to store these contents and watch them again at any time. It is possible to download videos on video-sharing platforms such as Youtube. This is also partially true for Tiktok. The user’s permission is required to download Tiktok videos. Some content producers do not allow the ability to record videos. It is very easy to download a Tiktok video that is allowed to download. You also don’t need to have a Tiktok account to download videos. You want to have the Tiktok content you like in your library and you’ve come to the right place to learn how to do it. Here are the steps to follow for downloading.

Download Tiktok Videos Easily

First, find the content you want to download from the vast world of Tiktok. Next, click on the “share” option in the right corner of the screen. After that, click on “save” on the screen that will open. If the save option isn’t visible, it’s because the content owner didn’t allow it. It’s that easy to download allowed videos. On Tiktok, you decide the privacy of your videos. Some users also want to download videos for which the download option is not active. Users use the screenshot saving method for this. This method is not very preferred because details such as watermark appear when you take a screenshot.

download tiktok video

download tiktok video

Other Ways To Download Tiktok Videos

Downloading and sharing content shared by other users on social media platforms is very popular. It is common among users to collect videos shot around a certain topic, such as pages with funny posts. Other methods are also available to download Tiktok. Some programs are designed to download private videos that do not have download permission. To download Tiktok videos on Android, you can download the most liked application in Google Play Store using keywords. For iOS, you can find Tiktok video downloaders by visiting the App Store.

Why Do Users Want to Download Tiktok?

  • Creators download Tiktok videos and repost them on other platforms.
  • Content creators can re-share the downloaded videos by making changes to them.
  • Even if the downloaded content is deleted, you will always have it. That’s why you want to download the videos you want to have forever.
  • You can also download videos and send them to people who do not use the Tiktok app.