How To Do A Duet On Tiktok?

How To Do A Duet On Tiktok

You may have seen the content in Tiktok where the screen is divided into two and the videos of 2 users are playing at the same time. One party can comment on or impersonate the other’s video. This is called Tiktok duet in Tiktok language. In this content, you will learn what duets are, why they are made and how they are made. I’ll also be telling you how to see duet on Tiktok. Since we have seen that many videos with this feature are viral, it will be useful for users who are trying to catch trends to read this content.

What Is Duet On Tiktok?

First, let’s start with what a Tiktok duet is. The duet feature is a popular video capture method for interacting with or reacting to a person’s video. With this feature, you will appear on the other half of the screen while a selected video plays on half of the screen. This feature is used for many purposes such as singing, dancing, interpretation. It may sound similar to Tiktok duet and stitch. In video sending options, these two features are side by side and therefore often confused with each other. Actually, they have a big difference.

Tiktok users

Tiktok users

Difference Between Stitch And Duet

The difference between Tiktok duet and stitch is that stitch is a feature that lets you use 5 seconds of another video and combine it with your video. On the other hand, to do a duet, you have to use the entire video. In Stitch, your video and the other one are played one after another, while the duet splits the screen into two, so it is watched at the same time. These are the main differences. If you learned what the duet feature is and how it differs from stitch, let’s take a look at how it’s done.

How To Duet On Tiktok?

First of all, your profile must be public in order to use duet Tiktok. Private mode users cannot use this feature. At the second important point, users can choose who can duet with the videos. Go to the privacy settings and select either “everyone” or “friends”. When you select everyone, you can duet with anyone whose duet feature is turned on. If you tick the “friends” option, you can use this feature with your friends, that is, the people you both follow each other on Tiktok. You can edit the duet settings for each video and activate this feature for certain content. Even if you turn it off, if a user has created a video with you when you activate the feature, the video will still be available on Tiktok.

  • First, find the content you want to duet with.


What Is Duet On Tiktok

What Is Duet On Tiktok

  • Press the arrow sign (share) from the right menu and find the duet option in the submenu that opens. If the user’s duet option is active, it will be clickable. After clicking, the video capture screen will open and you will see the split screen.
how to duet on tiktok

How to duet on Tiktok

  • The original video will appear on the right and your video on the left. Create content by holding down the record button. You can see how many seconds are in the upper line.
  • When the video reaches the desired length, click the tick mark. At this stage, you can edit your video.
  • When ready, click the “next” button as you always do when posting. Post after caption and other adjustments.

How To See Duets On Tiktok?

There is a method for those who want to see this type of content on Tiktok. To see Tiktok duets made with a specific user, go to the search section in the upper right corner of the homepage. By typing duet @<username> or #duet @<username> you can see the person whose content is dueted with. For example, type duet @khaby.lame and watch duets with Khaby videos.

FAQ About Tiktok Duet

1- How do you duet on Tiktok?

To duet on Tiktok, first of all find a video that you can duet with. Push the arrow (share) and see options menu below. Find duet here and click it. On the recording screen you will see your camera and other video. Record like you always do, click next when you finished. Edit your video if it is necessary, then write your caption and share.

2- Why don’t I have the duet option on TikTok?

If you can’t see the duet option on Tiktok video, it is because the owner of the video did not allow duets. The other option may be that you are not using the latest version of the app or your phone.

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