How To Do A Duet On Tiktok

How To Do A Duet On Tiktok?

You may have seen the content in Tiktok where the screen is divided into two and the videos of 2 users are playing at the same time. One party can comment on or impersonate the other’s video. This is called Tiktok duet in Tiktok language. In this content, you will learn what duets are, why they are made and how they are made. I’ll also be telling you how to see duet on Tiktok. Since we have seen that many videos with this feature are viral, it will be useful for users who are trying to catch trends to read this content.

What Is Duet On Tiktok?

First, let’s start with what a Tiktok duet is. The duet feature is a popular video capture method for interacting with or reacting to a person’s video. With this feature, you will appear on the other half of the screen while a selected video plays on half of the screen. This feature is used for many purposes such as singing, dancing, interpretation. It may sound similar to Tiktok duet and stitch. In video sending options, these two features are side by side and therefore often confused with each other. Actually, they have a big difference.

Tiktok users

Tiktok users

Difference Between Stitch And Duet

The difference between Tiktok duet and stitch is that stitch is a feature that lets you use 5 seconds of another video and combine it with your video. On the other hand, to do a duet, you have to use the entire video. In Stitch, your video and the other one are played one after another, while the duet splits the screen into two, so it is watched at the same time. These are the main differences. If you learned what the duet feature is and how it differs from stitch, let’s take a look at how it’s done.

How To Duet On Tiktok?

First of all, your profile must be public in order to use duet Tiktok. Private mode users cannot use this feature. At the second important point, users can choose who can duet with the videos. Go to the privacy settings and select either “everyone” or “friends”. When you select everyone, you can duet with anyone whose duet feature is turned on. If you tick the “friends” option, you can use this feature with your friends, that is, the people you both follow each other on Tiktok. You can edit the duet settings for each video and activate this feature for certain content. Even if you turn it off, if a user has created a video with you when you activate the feature, the video will still be available on Tiktok.

  • First, find the content you want to duet with.


What Is Duet On Tiktok

What Is Duet On Tiktok

  • Press the arrow sign (share) from the right menu and find the duet option in the submenu that opens. If the user’s duet option is active, it will be clickable. After clicking, the video capture screen will open and you will see the split screen.
how to duet on tiktok

How to duet on Tiktok

  • The original video will appear on the right and your video on the left. Create content by holding down the record button. You can see how many seconds are in the upper line.
  • When the video reaches the desired length, click the tick mark. At this stage, you can edit your video.
  • When ready, click the “next” button as you always do when posting. Post after caption and other adjustments.

How To See Duets On Tiktok?

There is a method for those who want to see this type of content on Tiktok. To see Tiktok duets made with a specific user, go to the search section in the upper right corner of the homepage. By typing duet @<username> or #duet @<username> you can see the person whose content is dueted with. For example, type duet @khaby.lame and watch duets with Khaby videos.

FAQ About Tiktok Duet

1- How do you duet on Tiktok?

To duet on Tiktok, first of all find a video that you can duet with. Push the arrow (share) and see options menu below. Find duet here and click it. On the recording screen you will see your camera and other video. Record like you always do, click next when you finished. Edit your video if it is necessary, then write your caption and share.

2- Why don’t I have the duet option on TikTok?

If you can’t see the duet option on Tiktok video, it is because the owner of the video did not allow duets. The other option may be that you are not using the latest version of the app or your phone.

How to Use Tiktok For Beginners

How to Use Tiktok For Beginners

A few years ago, many people thought that only generation Z used Tiktok. Over time, this perception has changed. The application has spread all over the world from the country where it was launched. Some events and important changes have increased its use. It was not possible to see such interesting and diverse content through a single application. Its fame spread from word of mouth, from one practice to the next. Tiktok videos have been shared frequently in other social media applications. You have no excuse to download this application, which always keeps the sense of curiosity alive. Therefore, it is necessary for beginners to learn how to use TikTok. In order not to do anything wrong in the application, you should learn all the details in advance. Read on to understand how and why you should use it if you are an undercover Tiktok follower.

Download Tiktok and Create Your Imaginary World

Start by downloading Tiktok from the IOS App Store and Google Play Store. Then choose the login method. You can log in using phone, email, Facebook, Apple, Google or Twitter. Now you can start creating your profile. You can start by putting a profile picture. Creating content is the most important part of Tiktok. If you just want to be a spectator, that’s up to you. To produce content, you need to shoot a few seconds of videos. On the right side of the screen, there are some settings you can use to edit videos. Choose beauty and other filters, set the speed, and set a timer. You can add music and sound from the top of the screen. Tiktok music brings popularity around the world.

Tiktok Privacy Settlement

Tiktok Privacy Settlement

You have learned how to use Tiktok and now, if your video is ready, you should write a description in the last step. You can make your video more effective with a description. In Tiktok, as in other social media applications, it is highly preferred to use hashtags. Increase your engagement by writing hashtags that will help your audience find you. You can read various articles on the internet to learn how this is done.

Tiktok Privacy Settlement

You can choose who can see your video from the Tiktok privacy settings. Choose between private or public. If your content is private Tiktok video, only your followers can watch it. You also decide whether people will comment on your video. With the “allow duet” option, you can allow users who want to duet with your video. Other than that, if you turn on “allow stitch”, people can use part of your video in their own video.

How To Use Filters On Tiktok

How To Use Filters On Tiktok

How To Use Filters On Tiktok?

There are thousands of filters you can use while saving content on Tiktok. You need to be in “create” (+) mode to see Tiktok filters. When you switch to this mode, you will see filters among the options on the right. You can choose between options devoted to themes such as portrait, food or landscape filters. Swipe sideways to see the filters. When you want to use it, first click on the filter and then the screen and start shooting.

Filters are used before shooting the video, but some can also be used after shooting the video. You can add the TikTok filters you like to your favorites so that you can use them later.

Why Should You Learn How To Use Tiktok?

Tiktok was the most downloaded app in 2021. People who are learning how to use Tiktok need the best Tiktok downloader without watermark to download videos they like. The videos in the application are downloaded with a watermark containing the user name. Some people need this downloader because the watermark on the video corrupts the image. The app contains opportunities for your business. Explore your competitors in the industry and see if they are using it in their social media strategy. Most of your competitors may be using Tiktok and this is the way they attract people to their brand. They use trends to be seen by generation Z. Companies and brands create Tiktok videos in order to show their products or services. Besides, as an individual, you can learn many things.



What Is Tiktok Photo Mode

What Is Tiktok Photo Mode?

As in Instagram, photo sharing is activated in Tiktok with Tiktok photo mode. Social media apps continue to look alike. Instagram and Tiktok apps seem to be in a race to create new features lately. Application developers are testing features that will benefit users so that they do not need to use other applications. The feature that will reshape social media came from Tiktok. You will be able to add your photos in slide form in multiple ways. In this content, I will share the details of the new feature. I will also explain in detail how to use Tiktok photo mode. Read on to discover the new feature.

As it is known, applications carry out continuous research and development studies to develop new features. It is difficult to win the race for the top among social media applications. A move came from Tiktok, the application that comes to mind when creativity is mentioned. Like its rival Instagram, it offered the ability to add photos to its users. The fact that the application, which stands out with its videos, offers such an innovation surprised users. You can add carousel photos by switching to Tiktok photo mode.

Let’s learn how to switch to photo mode on Tiktok.

How To Use Tiktok Photo Mode

Uploading photos in Tiktok photo mode is as easy as uploading videos. Users can swipe to see the many photos you have uploaded, just like on Instagram.

Share Photo On Tiktok In 8 Steps

  1. Login to Tiktok app and click the plus sign.
  2. Click on the “upload” option in the lower right corner.
  3. On the screen that opens, select the photos you want to add. You can mark as multiple.
  4. Click the “next” button after the photo selection.
  5. While your selected photos are displayed as a video, click on the text “switch to photo mode” in the lower middle.
  6. Select the music to be played during the photo show by clicking the song in the upper middle of the screen. Tiktok mp3 is really important in a content.
  7. You can add text, stickers and filters from the options on the right side of the screen.
  8. When the content is ready, click the “next” button as usual and share.

With this new feature, many Instagram users can turn to Tiktok. Will Tiktok, which is at the top of the video-sharing platforms, stand out in the sector with its photo-sharing feature? With this new feature of Tiktok, we see that the differences between the applications have become even more unclear. From this content, you learned how to use Tiktok photo mode. If you encounter any problems while using this feature, you can write us a comment. Don’t forget to tell us when you share your first photo post!

FAQ About Tiktok Photo Mode

1- How do I switch to photo mode on TikTok?

  • To switch to photo mode on Tiktok, come to the sharing stage. After selecting your photos, press the text “switch to photo mode”. After completing the edits like sharing a video, you can press “next” and share a photo.

2- What is Dynamic photo on TikTok?

  • Dynamic photo on Tiktok is a very popular photo effect on Tiktok. With this effect, also known as photo animation, you can animate the photo where your face appears. Dynamic photo filter makes the photo come alive, adds gestures such as blinking and laughing.

3- How do I make a TikTok video with pictures?

  • Click the “plus” sign in the app menu to make Tiktok video with pictures. Click on the “upload” option and mark the images you want to select. After the selection, press the next button and make arrangements such as effects and music. Then your photos turned into videos are ready to be played with music.
What Is The Best Tiktok Downloader

What Is The Best Tiktok Downloader?

Tiktok is one of the fun applications that have effects all over the world. It has a lot of likes and dislikes, and these can be updated over time. The most disliked feature by users is the lack of download option. Since Tiktok does not offer this feature, users can make these requests through another application or website. For a tool to be the best Tiktok downloader, it must meet some criteria. The app where you can complete the fastest and highest quality content in the fewest steps may be the best. If you are trying to find the best Tiktok downloader, you have come across the right content.

People use these apps for the following purposes:

  • To reuse the content for another purpose
  • To download unlimited tiktok
  • To watch videos offline
  • To get watermark-free content

Best Tiktok Downloader Android

As with other applications, you cannot play content without internet in Tiktok. To make some content popular among apps as well, you need to download it and then share it. You can also share your watermarked or non-watermarked content on other social sharing platforms such as Instagram and Youtube.

Finding the best Tiktok downloader for Android is easier than others. I have compiled the important features for you to review the downloader options and some of them are Tiktok downloader without watermark.

Best Tiktok Downloader Android

Best Tiktok Downloader Android

  1. Video Downloader for Social Media

  • Works integrated with various social media applications
  • It can download without watermark
  • It can automatically download from Tiktok


  1. Tiktokfull

  • Allows sharing downloaded videos
  • It has simple download steps
  • It also allows downloading videos from apps like Pinterest, Facebook.



  • Website for downloading, don’t need to download an application
  • Unlimited and free downloads available
  • Downloadable with or without watermark


How Do I Download High Quality Tiktok?

Are you one of those people who say how to download Tiktok in high quality? For this, use the ones with resolution options before downloading. The best Tiktok downloader is the one that can download HD quality videos to your device without degradation. All of the above-mentioned applications can download high quality.

Is there a TikTok downloader?

Yes, there are Tiktok downloaders you can use. People download using Tiktok downloader as there is no download option on the app.

How can I download all TikTok videos?

You can download all the videos you want through downloader websites or apps. You can choose video quality and share them on another platforms.

How do I save TikTok videos to my phone?

To save Tiktok videos to Android or IOS phones, copy the link of the video in the application. Paste it in the search bar in the downloading application and follow the download steps.

When To Post On Tiktok

When To Post On Tiktok?

As a reader of our website, you know that Tiktok is an app that most people want to pursue a successful career path. How can you be successful other than getting lots of followers and creating good content? You can be successful by sharing at the right time. People are wondering what is the best time to post on Tiktok for more views and likes. With millions of users around the world, your efforts and research will determine how many people will reach your content. If you want to know when to post on Tiktok for successful account engagement, read on.

Not every user has the same best time to post on Tiktok. This is because each account has its own post type, target audience and target regions. This becomes more complicated as different time zones are used around the world. A content that you share during the day in your own time zone may be streamed at night in another country.

When Is The Best Time To Post On Tiktok?

There are some steps you need to take to decide when to post on Tiktok. You can start by switching to Tiktok pro account, where you will get detailed information and analysis about your followers and account. With the analysis you’ve got, you will define what time to post on Tiktok. When you do this people will see and save Tiktok more.

What Time To Post On Tiktok

What Time To Post On Tiktok

Switch to Tiktok Pro Account

Only people who use Tiktok Pro account can see detailed analysis of their audience. In this way, they can decide when to post Tiktok. Click on the 3-dot icon on your profile and go to “manage my account”. Click on the “convert to pro account” text at the bottom here. Next, you will see the business categories. Click on the one that fits your profile from options such as music, beauty, media, entertainment, sports, education. When you complete the steps, you can see the “analytics” option in your account.

Analyzing Tiktok Audience

Analyzing Tiktok followers will help you find your upcoming posts and when to share. You can view followers by gender, country, activity time. View your most watched country and when your followers in that country are most active. Try posting during these times and base each post on other high rated countries.

How Often Should You Post On Tiktok?

Brands usually post between 1 and 3 Tiktok posts per day. I would like to underline that the important thing here is not the number of shares, but the quality of the shares. Sharing duplicate content that does not satisfy users in order to make a large number of shares will cause you to lose followers. So, knowing when to post on Tiktok is very important for brands and influencers.

When is a good time to post on Tiktok?

There is no such thing as a good time to share on Tiktok. To determine this time it is necessary to analyze the account and decide on the countries. Afterwards, the date and time of sharing is determined.

What is the best time to post on Tiktok?

Best Tiktok posting hours determined according to EST.

Monday: 6&10 AM, 10 PM

Tuesday: 2&4 & 9 AM

Wednesday: 7&8 AM, 11 PM

Thursday: 9&12 AM, 7 PM

Friday: 5 AM, 1&3 PM

Saturday: 11 AM, 7&8 PM

Sunday: 7&8 AM, 4 PM

How to Remove Tiktok Filter in 2022?

How to Remove Tiktok Filter in 2022?

Today, sharing photos and videos has become one of the main purposes in all social media applications. Users who present themselves through images try to share the best they are. Sometimes we don’t want to show our flaws in the photo. Sharing photos and videos with filters on Instagram and Tiktok is very popular. People use filters to make a content more interesting and unique. Every good thing has a flaw, and filters are perfect to cover those flaws. Filters also have their flaws, like hiding the truth. For this reason, thousands of people want to learn how to remove the Tiktok filter. Read on for questions such as how to remove a filter from a saved Tiktok video, how to remove Tiktok filters from drafts.

How to Remove a Filter From a Saved Tiktok Video?

Camera filters change the color and size of the image. For example, there are types that you can resize everywhere on your face, such as the nose reduction filter. The filters used in the beginning had innocent touches that only changed colors, but over time, thanks to technology, the filters started to provide unbelievably interesting changes. For this reason, some social media users wanted to remove Tiktok filter.

Remove TikTok Filters From Drafts

Remove TikTok Filters From Drafts

First of all, it is not possible to remove Tiktok filter from a recorded video in 2022. However, you are allowed to add and remove filters while making videos. Maybe in the future the application authorities will include such a feature. You may come across several apps and websites that claim to remove Tiktok filter. I advise you not to believe in such deceptions. Recently, we have come across people trying to remove filters from other Tiktokers’ videos. Such attempts only serve to steal people’s time and deceive them.

Remove TikTok Filters From Drafts

We said in the previous paragraph that it is not possible to remove a filter from a saved content. It is possible to remove Tiktok filter from draft only. I will explain how to do it in few steps:

  1. First things first, start by logging into your Tiktok profile.
  2. Go to the Drafts tab and select the video for which you want to remove the filter.
  3. Then click the “back” option in the top left corner.
  4. Click “effects” on the edit page that opens.
  5. At the most important step, press the “undo” option represented by the left-facing arrow. You have to click as many filters as there are.
  6. Select the “next” button when this process is done.
  7. Now come to the “filters” screen and click “none” and remove all filters. Your video without filters and effects is ready!

If you want to read more about Tiktok videos this blog is helpful: Why Is Tiktok App Effective in Video Sharing?

How to Go Live on Tiktok

How to Go Live on Tiktok

Are you ready to go one step further in the world’s most fun and social app? I’m talking about the Tiktok live broadcast, of course. In this content, you will learn how to go live on Tiktok. Also, if you can’t live stream on Tiktok, you’ll find out why. Finally, you will see how many followers you need to go live on Tiktok.

Dive Into The Magical World of Live Streams

Anything can happen during a live broadcast. Since the broadcasts are unique and spontaneous, it is no surprise that millions of users are excited to watch them. No editing, no cutting, no effects, so you’ll be in front of your fans just the way you are. Don’t think it’s hard, you can do it like everyone else. In addition, Tiktok live broadcasts are an opportunity for users. How does?

  1. Your interaction with people increases.
  2. You answer questions.
  3. You know your target audience
  4. You meet people and chat
  5. You get feedback about your account
  6. You display your most natural and spontaneous state
  7. Last but not least, you can collect gifts from the participants. Then you can convert them into money.

Due to this last opportunity I mentioned, Tiktoker of all ages wants to go live and earn money. There are some restrictions for this and not everyone can stream.

How Many Followers Do I Need to Go Live on TikTok

How Many Followers Do I Need to Go Live on TikTok

To be able to go live on Tiktok, you must be at least 16 years old and your followers must be over 1000 followers. If you meet the criteria, click the create (+) icon, swipe left to get to the “live” tab in the bottom navigation. Now you will give your live broadcast a catchy name and choose a cover image. Click “go live” when everything is ready and yes you did! In addition, some people save Tiktok live streams.

Why Can’t I Go Live on Tiktok?

If you can’t go live on Tiktok, you may not meet the age limit of 16 or your number of followers may be insufficient. If you are still having problems despite providing these, you should create a support request.

How Many Followers Do I Need to Go Live on TikTok?

Unlike Instagram, broadcasting live on Tiktok is not that simple. For this, as per the Tiktok company rules, people with at least 1000 followers have the right to broadcast live.

How To Download Tiktok Video Without Posting

How To Download Tiktok Video Without Posting

Even if you don’t feel ready yet, you may want to download Tiktok video without posting it. Tiktok is undoubtedly the most popular video-sharing platform. Tiktok users can shoot videos as they wish and create their own audience. Content that does not exceed a few seconds is produced and users know no limits in creativity. Your videos with fun music or dubbed can make you a star. Moreover, you can look more beautiful or funny by using filters. People who watch an engaging video of yours and discover you will want to look at your profile and see more. You can make various edits before sharing. It is possible to edit the video before sharing, but you cannot change the content after sharing. In this content, you can download Tiktok video without posting and you will be able to learn how to download Tiktok without posting.

Save TikTok Videos Without Posting Without Watermark

Save TikTok Videos Without Posting Without Watermark

Can You Save TikTok Without Posting It?

Tiktok has many user-friendly features. One of them is the option to use Tiktok privately. So yes, you can save a video you created to your gallery without sharing it. There are 2 easy ways to do this on both Android and IOS devices. There is an important point to remember: after recording the video, you cannot make any changes to it. (Speed, add filters, add audio, cut etc.)

If you don’t have the courage to share content in the app, if you don’t feel ready for it yet, you can just save the video on your phone. So you can post it on other social networking apps or watch it yourself. Tiktok feature you need to know is to download Tiktok video without posting.

How to Save TikTok Videos Without Posting Without Watermark

We mentioned above that it is possible to use Tiktok in private mode. Besides, it is possible to download Tiktok video without watermark without posting. As everyone knows, Tiktok videos contain a watermark and there is the username.

Record Tiktok

Record Tiktok

First Record Tiktok Video

It may seem weird when you do it for the first time, but making a Tiktok video will be fun. Press the + icon and shoot videos as you wish. Make settings such as effect, sound, speed and come to the sharing stage. At this stage, there is no option to save as draft or save to device, but Tiktokers discovered how to do it. The method you will use is click on “who can see my video” and then click on “private” (only me). Select “share” after completing the privacy options. Content is created that only you can see. Go to your profile and click on the video. Click on “share” represented by a curved arrow from the options on the right. The video has been downloaded to your gallery and that’s it.

how to convert tiktok to mp3

How To Convert Tiktok to MP3?

I am sure that everyone has come across a video from the world-famous video-sharing application Tiktok at least once. The videos manage to be very memorable. I think the effects of the songs and sounds used in this success are great. You can add harmonious sounds to make videos more effective. Popular videos sometimes reach billions of views and downloads. You may want to adapt the same trending videos and join the trend. For this, it is necessary to use sound in the video. To use a sound you like in your own video or for other purposes, you have to convert Tiktok to mp3. In this content, I will provide detailed information on how to do it.

Free Tiktok To MP3 Converters

  1. TTDownloader
  2. TikDown
  3. TikMate
  4. Hello Converter
  5. Qload
  6. MusicallyDown

MP3 Converting Steps

There are some Tiktok to mp3 converter apps above that you can use for free. Choose the one you want among them and follow the steps. These steps are at a level that almost anyone can easily do. Because both Tiktok and Tiktok to mp3 convert applications have users of all ages. These tools and websites are generally free to use and do not require a subscription. Some apps are designed for IOS and some for Android devices. You can also find a tool that works for both.

In the first step, find the Tiktok video whose audio you want to download and copy its URL. Paste it into the search bar in the application of your choice. You can download in various formats, but you have to click on the “mp3” one. Then click the “download” button and let the download begin.

listen tiktok mp3 download

Why Do Tiktok Users Need mp3 Converter?

Those who want to use the songs liked on Tiktok in their own content need a converter. Sometimes you can’t find the name of the song used in the video. It is easier to download directly from the video. Apart from that, another way you can use Tiktok mp3 is to set it as the ringtone of the phone. As I said before, the song playing in a popular video can be popular. Even a song that was released years ago can gain popularity today thanks to this application.

The Rapid Rise of Tiktok on a Global Scale

The Rapid Rise of Tiktok on a Global Scale

Tiktok, the most popular video sharing platform of recent years, was launched in China in 2016. Then it started to be used globally in 2017. A new title called Tiktok star has emerged. It is an application where short videos are shared, which is considered an extension of the application. The app has become famous with videos of teenagers lip-syncing or dancing. Although the target audience is thought to be young people when it comes to Tiktok users, over time, people of all ages and countries have become members of the application. It was so successful that it reached 1 billion monthly active users worldwide in 2021.  What contributed to the rapid rise of Tiktok on a global scale?

How Does Tiktok Work?

Tiktok is an application that works in harmony with music and video. 15-second videos with background music can be shared. Usually, content where people lip-sync or dance is featured. Using artificial intelligence technology, the application allows users to view content in the stream according to their preferences and tastes. Working with the catch-phrase “for everyone”, Tiktok confronts users from different cultures who do not have the opportunity to get to know each other.

It’s very easy to share videos on Tiktok and become a Tiktok star. You can become famous -in other words Tiktok star– in a short time by adding your own interpretation to the trending content. Being creative will make a difference, but you can also be one of users who imitate each other. Streaming live on Tiktok is also very popular. Users can earn money from their followers with the wallet, which is a feature of the application. You can “donate” with your coins to your favorite users.

Tiktok in 2022

Global Rise of Tiktok in 2022

While Tiktok is a relatively new application, it has managed to attract all the attention with its growth rate. It is designed in China and spread to other countries. With its features, it inspired other applications and with its users became agenda of many countries. How did it become dominant among other social media apps? Tiktok generated $63 million in revenue in 2017. 4 years after its launch, it increased that rate to $4.6 billion in revenue in 2021.

In 2020, it is possible to link the increase in the number of Tiktok users with the pandemic. Thousands of people looking for alternative activities at home due to curfews have downloaded Tiktok during this period. Therefore, millions of people spent time on the app and preferred to download Tiktok video and share to interact with others.

The application is an important channel used in marketing and advertising activities. It is possible to become famous and earn money on Tiktok. Perhaps this is one of the most important features that makes being a Tiktok star most attractive and accelerates the rise of Tiktok app. A lot of people who want to make money without spending a lot of effort and produce content without being creative continue to join Tiktok.