2022 Trends of Social Media Platforms

2022 Trends of Social Media Platforms

Internet technologies are developing day by day, and mobile devices are used by a large part of society. Social media platforms are digital channels based on photo and video sharing from people’s daily lives. Most of the day is spent following people we are interested in on social media platforms. For this reason, we adopt the habits we see most often and make them trend. What are the 2022 trends of social media platforms?

What Are The 2022 Trends?

  • Concepts of augmented reality and virtual reality

These concepts, which are slowly trying to be included in our lives, will become more used for brands in the future. Augmented reality, which we are currently experiencing with Instagram and Snapchat filters, has become one of the ways to attract consumers for brands. In this way, users have the opportunity to test with augmented reality before purchasing products or services in a distorted version of the truth.

  • Tiktok continues to set trends

Especially with the onset of the pandemic, Tiktok started to come first among the social media platforms where people spend a lot of time. The platform, which is the most downloaded application worldwide, contains entertaining videos shared by millions of users. Tiktok, which we can call a dynamic and trendsetter that appeals to everyone, also makes a name for itself on other platforms with its video streams. Tiktok, where there are interesting videos and streams, is among the 2022 trends of social media platforms. Thousands of members are downloading content using Tiktok downloader without watermark and it becomes popular.

Tiktok continues to set trends

Tiktok continues to set trends

  • Social media sales

Social media applications such as Facebook and Instagram have turned into digital stores in recent years. People can shop directly through the applications without switching to another page. It is becoming increasingly a trend for brands to use their social media pages as a showcase and sell from there. Social commerce also saves time for the customer.

  • Video content is trending

When social media platforms were first designed, only photos could be shared. Although the video upload feature came late in our lives, the trending format in 2022 is video. Videos are also decisive in application algorithms. Nonetheless, “video content producer” has become a profession that everyone has heard about. Users find video content more enjoyable to consume, and their interest is always drawn to videos. The fact that short video content such as stories and reels are trending also supports this.

  • Influencer marketing continues to strengthen

During the pandemic, we could not go to the stores during the time we were at home, and we turned to online sales methods. So how do people shop so much without in-store direct marketing? Definitely thanks to micro-influencers. These people, who have thousands or even millions of followers, have gained the trust of their followers. It is observed that influencers, who are sometimes seen as a role model, play an effective role in driving sales. For this reason, one of the 2022 trends of social media platforms is influencer marketing.

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